We are manufacturer of standard & custom ultrasonic cleaning systems including pharmaceutical equipment cleaners. Features include stainless steel wetted surface, turbulated cleaning tanks, water systems & recirculating dryer.

Infrared Ray Dryer:

PRO PACKTechnologies Pvt Ltd. has following models of Infrared Ray Dryer :

  • Umbrella Type
  • Insertion Type
  • Cupboard Tunnel
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Salient Features of Infrared Ray Dryer:

  • Technology which truly covers the aspects of hygiene, minimum time consumption and minimum human intervention, that is Infra red Ray dryers
  • Drying with infra red ray dryers is a very easy clarification. You can expose the washed equipment to Infra red rays for quick drying.
  • Infra red Ray sources are Ceramic coated thus ensures no particle shedding or black particle generation, which may contaminate washed equipment.
  • As a property of Infra red rays, it reduces the microbial counts also. Infra red dryer is more effective for drying stainless steel equipment because stainless steel surface is a reflective surface.
  • In this case temperature is not the criterion, as it will give heating effect only to the object on which it falls.
  • Infra red rays do not require air as media; thus rays will not increase temperature of the surrounding atmosphere but it will give heating effect to the object on which it falls
  • Power consumption by Infra red ray Dryers is 5 to 10 times less than power consumption by hot air blower.
  • Infra red rays are absolutely safe to human body.

CIP (Cleaning In Place) Systems:

  • CIP systems for the pharmacy facilities in compliance with the cleaning standards. Our solutions are supplied according to the customer’s requirements in order to match their specific requests.

  • Every CIP Unit is designed for each process system is demanded to the customer’s specification providing to realize a single pass system or a recirculation system, by the way our CIP Unit are fully automated to run several sequences placed on management system.

  • The CIP System is capable to run any recipe set on plc, provide to supply hot water rinsing or selected temperature water rinsing or washing. The dosing systems are managed by plc too, and it is possible to set several chemicals’ dosing.

  • The CIP systems are designed to run the cleaning sequences in a safe way in order to avoid a manual cleaning by operators, to match the sterile issues for a pharmacy plant, to save costs and time on process schedule. Besides, an automatic cleaning guarantees you more about a repeatable quality of performances.

Mixing Battery :

Company offer compact and efficient mixing battery that is designed to provide instantaneous water by proportionately mixing steams of cold water to the required temperature. These are supplied with isolation check valves and temperature indicator.

We incorporate a fail-safe device in the battery so that no steam regardless of its pressure can enter the mixing chamber until the water flows to raise the steam valve of its seat. These batteries are immediately shut off when the outlet is turned off.