We are one of the leading pressure membrane filter holder manufacturers and we focus in the manufacturing of pressure filter holder which is 100% safe and simple to handle. We manufacture pressure membrane filter holders with their different sizes mm with S. S. 316 quality. Our range of membrane filter holders is manufactured with inventive technology and is accessible in different diameter and polish options.

We offer membrane filter holder assembly with membrane support, funnel, flask and clamp. Standard joint fittings or with rubber cork cap all are made from high quality durable and chemically tested borosilicate glass. Filter holder is produced from stainless steel and is available with a choice of support screen.


  • These filter holders are GMP Complying.
  • The Holders are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Provided with Bubble Test arrangement.
  • Filter support screen with Teflon /Silicon ‘O’ring.
  • Detachable Stand.
Membrane Filter Holder India