Multi column distillation plants are used in pharmaceutical industry to split or remove individual material from liquid mixtures by partial vaporization and subsequent condensation; this is likely because of the variation in volatility of each individual liquid.

This Multi Column Distillation Plant is based on FINN-AQUA design. It comprise of particularly designed columns which make best use of the principles of interstage heat exchange to produce pure pyrogen free sterile distilled water for injectables as per IP/BP specification.

It is available from 50 ltrs/hr (Lab Model) to 3000 ltrs/hr. The WFI produced by these plants is quite economical due to low maintenance and low operational cost. Quality approval includes complying to physical, chemical, microbiological and progeny limits.

  • Pure Sterile, Pyrogen free distilled water conforming to IP/BP Standards..
  • Energy Saving-Low Operating Cost.
  • Fully Automatic Operation.
  • Compact Design-Saving Space.installation
  • All contact parts are S.S. 316 and all joints are sealed with Teflon gasket.
Multi Column Distillation Plant Supplier