We are custom manufacturer of carbon steel and stainless steel ASME code pressure vessels up to 10 ft. dia. Fabrication potentialities comprise pressure vessel, tank & cylinder, structural steel, sheet metal & weldment. Precision welding services is also available. These are well checked on stringent parameters to guarantee safety and best performance at clients end.

These Pressure Vessels are engineered for the pharmaceutical industry. The pressure vessels come with sanitary tri-clamp openings, and in sizes ranging from 0.5L to 10L. Dissimilar to any other vessels out in the market, the support is machined from solid stainless steel bar stock with multiple slots for easy drainage and cleaning. The Pharmaceutical Tank & Vessels that we manufacture are recognized for high quality and standard. These Pharmaceutical Vessels are broadly used in the liquid section pharmaceutical industry.


  • These vessels are manufactured from high alloy S. S. AISI 316 Quality.
  • Caps and dead corners are reduced to an absolute minimum and interior
  • and exterior of vessels are ground and mirror polish finished.
  • A long tube is provided to ensure complete drawing of fluid.
  • A pressure relief valve is provided.