Pure Steam Generators exploit a competent evaporation column, thereby giving the highest quality Pure Steam. In addition, when assessment or preservation is required, the components are readily accessible with no need to eradicate or disassemble any of the major components to access the critical areas.

Pure steam generator is ideal in sterilization of pipelines, tanks, fermentors etc. It is also suitable for humidification of sterile areas where pure steam is required.

The steam if condensed, the condensate must go by all the tests of ‘Water for Injection’ as laid down by I. P / B. P. Pure Steam available from the Pure Steam Generator manufactured by Pharma Machine India is required in Autoclaves, In-situ steam sterilization of Equipments such as manufacturing Vessels, Distilled Water Storage Tank, Pipe Lines etc.


  • All stainless steel construction – no rusting/rouging.
  • To produce pure pyrogen free sterile steam.
  • Fully Automatic Operation.
  • All contact parts are S.S. 316 and all joints are sealed with Teflon gasket.
  • Extensive validation documentation – reduces on site validation time