Our company is exporter and manufacturer of extensive range of pharma vacuum tray dryer which is constructed in accordance to international standards in Mumbai. Our products range is widely demanding in the market for heating and drying up of various stuffs involved in the manufacturing processes of several industries.

Vacuum tray dryer is fundamentally a dryer working under vacuum conditions and on conduction principle. It is mainly suited for drying high grade, temperature sensitive materials, hygroscopic substances which are easily resolved and dried to very low residual moisture.

This tray dryer consists of a heated cabinet drying chamber and a set of shelves also heated through the circulation of liquid. There are a number of shelves inside the dryer on which the trays containing products are placed to be dried.

Vacuum Tray Dryer Supplier

Vacuum tray dryer is ideal for making wet cakes that coming from filtration and separator processes to be dried in pharmaceutical, chemicals and foodstuff sectors and many more industries. It is worked with vacuum pump which allows the extraction of the vapours of solvents and the water contained in the products to be treated.


  • Main Body/Vacuum chamber thick SS 316 plate with heavy duty SS 316 flange and stiffeners
  • Provision for Nitrogen purging
  • Digital Temperature Indicator (FLP) at H.W. Inlet and Outlet in vacuum line
  • Door thick SS 316 plate (hemisphere shape) with heavy duty SS 316 flange
  • Shelves Hollow type pads with SS 316 Sheet and Baffles.
  • Condenser (shell and tube) and Receiver SS 304 with Isolation valve and Flow glass in between to    monitor condensation.
  • Flow glass provided to monitor condensation between condenser and receiver
  • Trays(without back folding) in SS 316 with rounded and edge corner
  • High  operational vacuums achieving by accurate mechanical work
  • Mirror polishing of the shelves  inside the cabinet
  • Internal 320 grit Mirror Polish and outer 180 grit mat finish.
  • Explosion Vent/ Rupture Disc on vacuum chamber
  • Digital Temperature controller (FLP) with solenoid controlled  pneumatic operated valve at hot water inlet
  •  Excellent usability of the seal of the dryer
  •  Pressure release valve in steam line.
  •  Heating and cooling with fluid heat transfer mediums
  •  Excellent clean ability for both manual cleaning and CIP-cleaning