In Inline agitation system, the possibility of materials – Liquid or Solid passing through it, exclusively subjected to severe hydraulic and mechanical shear actions is zero. This is helpful for making suspensions and emulsion etc. The head is made out of stainless steel with a telescopic stand.

We manufacture and export a wide range of Inline Homogenizer, which is used for emulsifying, homogenizing, solubilizing, suspending, dispersing and disintegrating solids.


  • Rotar and Stator type.
  • All Contact Parts Made Out Of SS 316 / SS 316 L Quality Material Conforming to cGMP norms.
  • Trolley mounted, with PU Wheels and support for easy handeling
  • Different type of stator (Coarse/Medium/Fine) for specific Particle size reduction.
  • Variable Frequency can also be provided.
Inline Homogenizer In India