It is specially design for filtration till last drop. Its intrinsic back wash facility eliminates time loss, gives more output with continuous operation. The top dome structure ensures quick & effortless exclusion of cartridge assembly & clearing of cake.

Here the way of flow of liquid is just contrary to the flow in standard filter i.e. the infected liquid to be filtered enters the filter from the bottom into the center channel & goes to the top of each plate. Filter tank wall does not come in the contact of the liquids, therefore ruins clean. Cake filtrates and solids remain completely within the fully closed filter plate cartridge.


  • Complete filtration of the batch without any holdup due to reverse flow of liquid hence large saving in time & cost.
  • Uniform distribution of cake on each plate.
  • Complete cake retains on the plate.
  • Single pass clear filtration.
  • Less exposure to the operating person.
  • No contamination of the internal surface of the shell.
  • The top dome structure ensures fast & easy removal of cartridge assembly & clearing of cake.
  • The cake, filter aid & solids remain totally enclosed allowing filtration of toxic, hazardous & explosive liquids
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