The Ointment Manufacturing Plants are ultimate tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions. This plant facilitates to manufacture ointments creams, pastes etc. totally protected. The unit appears in various batch capability from 100 kg. to 1000 kg. and above.

Presenting our range of ointment manufacturing plants & cream manufacturing plants for different industrial applications, made of quality material, these ointment manufacturing & cream manufacturing plants are ideal instance of advanced design and structure and work with precision in their desired area of application.

Ointment Plant manufacturer

Features of Ointment Manufacturing Plant/Cream Manufacturing Machine:

  • Easily cleanable and completely untouched process, hence less chance of contamination
  • All contact parts made of Stainless Steel 316 and Teflon Quality material.
  • All pipelines are electro polished from inside and joints are easy open able.
  • Complete cover lifting arrangement to facilitate cleaning at the time of product change over.
  • Especially semi-contra designed anchor stirrer with flexible Teflon scrapers.
  • The plant is provided with pre-mixing wax and water phase vessels and the main manufacturing vessel.
  • The main vessel is provided with a slow speed anchor agitator for mixing and a bottom high speed homogenizer for emulsifying.
  • Variable speed drive provided for main anchor stirrer assembly for different speeds.
  • Jacketed vessels for heating/cooling processes.
  • Inspection glass illumination.
  • Specially designed inline filters can also be provided to ensure proper filtration.
  • Optional Requirement are :
    — Load cell for accurate weighing.
    — PLC based control panel for process automation.
    — Contra type agitator for calcium base toothpaste
  • The Ointment Manufacturing Plant/Cream Manufacturing Machine is suitable for manufacturing pharmaceutical ointments, sterile preparations, cosmetic creams, suspensions, gels, etc.

Technical Specification of Ointment Manufacturing Plant/Cream Manufacturing Machine :

  • Wax heating Vessel.
  • Water Melting Vessel.
  • Manufacturing vessel.
  • Storage vessel.
  • Interconnecting pipeline.
  • Pumps -Bump Pump and metering pumps.
  • Integrated automatic control panel.
  • Working Platform.

Process Description of Ointment Manufacturing Plant/Cream Manufacturing Machine :

All vessels are manufactured from S.S. 316 grade stainless steel sheets and are cGMP compliant construction. The vessels are Jacketed, insulated, cladded and with suitable agitator assembly in each vessel.

Wax is melted in Wax melting vessel; Water is heated in water heating vessel. Both wax and water are transferred into the manufacturing vessel automatically through vacuum. In manufacturing vessel both wax and water are homogenized to make a uniform emulsion and cooled by passing chilled water into the jacket of manufacturing vessel.

After the emulsion is formed active ingredients/colors etc are added and are thoroughly mixed and homogenized. The same is transferred by bump pump into the storage vessel. From the storage vessel it is automatically transferred into the filling machine by means of metering pump. Flow rate of metering pump can be set as per your tube filling machines speed and capacity.

Product Purpose Tube Filler For Auto Filling and Sealing of Plastic/Laminated or Aluminum Tubes:

This automatic tube filling and sealing machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food and chemical industries. It is suitable for automatic filling of all kinds of fluid materials into the plastic tubes or the aluminum-plastic laminated tubes.

Technical Specifications of Tube Filler For Auto Filling And Sealing Of Plastic/Laminated Or Aluminum Tubes:

  • Power supply (v).
  • Filling range (ml).
  • Hopper volume (L).
  • Speed (tubes/minute).
  • Filling precision: 99%.
  • Tube height (mm).
  • Tube diameter (mm).
  • Air pressure(MPa)
  • Dimension (LxWxH) mm. Weight (kg).