Automatic Desiccant / Canister, Insertion Machine:

Pharma Machine is one of the leading supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical machinery used in bottling cleaning equipments such as desiccant insertion, inspection table, turn table In India.

Our company has huge experience and modern facility for manufacturing bottle washing machine, bottling plant and line accessories at Mumbai. These products are prospering by efficient leadership, engineering excellence, and cutting Edge technology.

Bottle Washing Equipments are used in pharmaceutical operations as well as most food and beverage filling applications to ensure food safety. These equipments have higher speed system with full bottle inversion for validated cleaning on both glass and plastic bottles. The containers are exposed to pressurized air jet followed by vacuum suction to clean the inner surfaces.

Bottle Cleaning Equipments manufacturer


  • Vibratory bowl is given for continuous flow of desiccant / Canister.
  • LED Sensors are provided for accurate filling of pouches
  • Higher capacity blower to clean properly
  • Individual control for air pressure and vacuum cleaning
  • Pneumatic Indexing is provided to hold the containers while filling.
  • No bottle No fill mechanism.
  • Micro controller based electrical panel.
  • Easy change over from desiccant to canister filling.

Airjet Cleaning Machine:

make different user friendly models of air jet cleaning machines which are suitable for cleaning of bottles or containers to be filled. No water consumption or drying problem and hence saving of huge recurring cost. No problem whatever the material of container Glass or PET.

We offer various type of AirJet bottle Cleaning Machine like Semi air jet cleaning, fully automatic inversion air jet cleaning  , fully diving air jet cleaning machine. AirJet Bottle Cleaning Machine work on positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.

Optional attachments:

  • Filtration system comprises of 5 micron filter, 0.001 PPM Filter (Oil & moisture separator), Silica gel filter and finally 1 micron filter.
  • Ionizer could be provided to de-ionize the static charge on bottle surface and hence better cleaning is achieved.
  • Automatic silica gel regeneration system is provided to avoid manual recharging of silica gel in due course of operation.
  • In Line HEPAfilter could be provided forsnecial nuroose requirement.