Rapid mixer granulator is mainly used in tablet manufacturing process which requires homogeneous mixing and consistent granule size at lower processing time along with higher productivity.

It reduces material handling thereby ensuring a more hygienic process. Only one operator is required for operating machine. It is uniform of granule sizes & ideally used for light formulations to heavy slurries. Optionally, Steam jacketed drying can also be available.

It works on the basic principle of agitation of the contents of the bowl at enough speed and then running a specially profiled cutter blade at high speeds into ingredients. It consist of bottom entry agitator and side attached dicer for granulation.


The bowl has flat circular base and progressively narrowing off towards the top. This conical shape of bowl helps in proper mixing of cohesive powders.

Cohesive powders has lump during mixing process so high speed dicer breaks the lumps and making smooth powder by blending. This system required for dry blending, wet mixing, preparation of dough and granulation in tablet manufacturing process. Granulator blades rotate at very high speed of about 2800-3000 rpm for intense mixing.